Congee Recipe

Congee popular breakfast item but it also good for infants and elder people since. Follow us on social media↓ facebook.

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Casey recreates his mom's chicken congee recipe.

Congee recipe. 2/3 cups of rice 25 liters stock 1 century egg 4 thighs 2 tbsp soy sauce tsp. Recipe on our site here. More rice & noodles videos.

Https//www/playlistlist=plx8kgcbhjhhtedqsotrdzqslbfbnjijb, cantonese crab congee , this dish a macau speciality. 1 piece garoupa fish fillet (about 500g) inch ginger 2 cup rice (rinsed and cleaned) salt to taste serve. #buzybeez today we have a super comforting chicken and rice porridge that help cure any spring cold.

This is a very simple basic recipe to make chinese congee. Originally chinese, but thai version has its own unique s. I tried it in local shop and fell.

This video is sponsored by cuckoo subscribe & hit the no. One of the most classic breakfast dishes you can find in thailand is congee or "jok". Follow us on social media↓ facebook.

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